Dr. David Kleber, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kleber is currently a Licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in San Diego, California and Bend, Oregon.

For over 36 years, Dr. Kleber has provided assessment, direct care, training and consultation services within many special needs populations and settings, including his clinical work in hospital settings, schools, residential and day treatment facilities and in family homes. Trainings have been provided to Doctoral candidates, professionals, paraprofessionals, and all levels of family or personnel involved in working with persons with autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Kleber has witnessed and participated first hand in the evolution of research and treatment for autism and autism spectrum disorder and holds a unique perspective and clinical competence not often seen in other practicing clinicians.

His passion and interest in working with families to support them through their lifelong challenge in raising a son or daughter with autism is a motivating force throughout his practice. He is committed to sharing his broad range of knowledge and experience in all aspects of working with this very special and worthy group, again with the overall motivation of helping persons with autism spectrum disorders live well, and thrive well within their community.

Dr. Kleber

  • Has created thousands of comprehensive behavior plans to help persons with autism and their family members function more successfully and independently within the community.
  • Specializes in providing in-home treatment and behavior training for families with an autistic child, adolescent, or adult.
  • Is familiar with Sensori Integration strategies and their use classroom, residential or work training settings.
  • Currently consults to residential, educational, and vocational training agencies that serve persons with autism with a focus on assessment of needs and development of treatment interventions and training of personnel.