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    Actionable, doable, life adventures through the eyes of Roy, a boy living with autism.

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    Streamed in high quality HD, and designed to watch time and again.

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    We're Taking a different approach to helping families living with autism.

Welcome to Roy's Adventures

We’re taking a different approach to living with autism.

There is an abundance of resources out there, but there are few professionally produced films discussing life ‘beyond the classroom’.

Our hope is that through our films parents can take a creative approach to helping their families and children “fit” together in their lives. We see an opportunity to provide a freedom to live, to explore, to grow, to learn through the life stories of Roy, a boy living with autism.

Our 35 years working with families living with autism as both family therapists and clinical psychologists provides us a unique ability to see “outside the box” with creative family interventions and behavioral approaches to help your child reach their full potential through life. What Makes Us Different? | Roy’s Adventures uses short films to model effective social skills and behaviors with repetition for families, children, parents and teachers living with autism. Our short form, high quality films are priced per rental, which makes them affordable so that they are accessible as often as you need them.

Each of Roy’s Adventures film is produced in high quality and streamed on demand so families and support providers can watch the films as they need to and go back to re-watch past films as necessary.

Roy’s Adventures provides potential for one to one connection with other families and a way to suggest new film ideas, and to share favorite films, comments, reactions and real life stories that connect with you.

“Together, our collaboration and experience can make us stronger.”